Most people think that conservatorys need a special type of blind, infact this is not true. Most types of blinds are suitable for conservatorys, however there are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing.

  • Do you have a window cill you want to keep clear if yes, perfect fit (by Louvolite) or roller blinds may be your option, if not then vertical blinds would be the most economical solution.
  • Do you need day and night time privacy and still want to see your view, if so venetian blinds, perfect venetian blinds or vertical blinds are your options.
  • Do you love the idea of wooden blinds, if so then these are fine but you need to consider the fitting, a batten may be required to bring them clear of the widow handles.

If you are suffering from a lot of glare in you conservatory then it is likely this coming in through your roof. We can resolve this problem with our Perfect Fit International roof blind system. This system is totally screwless and eliminates most of the glare and controls the heat in the space, making it a more comfortable environment.

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