Roof Blinds Made in Paignton

We manufacture our own pleated roof blinds utilising the Louvolite Perfect Fit International system. This system is totally screwless and will not damage your conservatory roof. Rather than drilling any holes, we measure the area and manufacture an individual frame for each panel of your roof. This allows us to slip a bracket between the glass/plastic and the rubber bead for the frame to click onto.

Not only does this prevent any damage to the surroundings, but the nature of the enclosing stops the blinds flapping around during windy days, as well as providing a maximum privacy benefit due to the gaps between the blind and the window frame being at a minimum.

The fabrics we use are all either solar reflective or honeycomb in construction, providing the best protection for your conservatory from the sun. These also provide you with a space that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to their unique design.

Also available for square or rectangular roofs, or orangery openings are standard pleated roof blinds without the frames.

Motorising Your Blinds

Like many other of our blind varieties, our roof blinds are available in a motorised system. With roof blinds, motorisation is especially useful due to the blinds sometimes being a hassle to open and close due to their location (the roof!). For a small additional fee, we can enable you to adjust your blinds with a touch of a button, and take away this inconvenience forever.

Get in Touch

We have recently moved from our old shop in Paignton town centre to new, bigger premises near Roselands in Paignton. We have plenty of space to show off a wide range of our blinds, so if you’re unsure about what will look great in your space, come and visit us. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below or call 01803 556782 to make an inquiry or arrange a free, no-obligation home visit. We look forward to helping you get one step closer to your dream home.

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