Mirage Blinds

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What are Mirage Blinds

Also known as day-night blinds, Mirage blinds have two layers of fabric – one for privacy, and one for light control. These help you view the outside world by gently filtering light when you layer their vanes, and offering complete privacy when you align them, covering more of the window.

Mirage Blinds have similar features to both Venetian and roller blinds, causing some to see them as a mixture of both. They open and close like a roller blind, but what makes them unique is that you can roll them down while still letting 40-50% of the light through if you wish, by aligning the vanes.

With the vanes aligned, they can look similar to Venetian Blinds due to Venetians having horizontal slats. The difference here lies in Venetians tilting their slats to achieve open and closed states, with mirage vanes ‘rolling’ up slightly to adjust light entry.

Red Mirage Blinds

Why Choose Mirage Blinds?

Mirage blinds are quickly becoming one of our most popular choices of window blinds in Paignton, with many of our customers looking to dress their windows with something slightly different.

They offer several benefits, including some that are common with most blind types, such as: providing privacy; allowing partial light; and making the home more energy efficient; but they also offer a stylish touch that is especially great at complementing modern interior designs.

These are an innovative double-layered roller blind and offer the best of both worlds; a view through when the mesh is alligned and full privacy when the solid sections are alligned.

All of our Mirage blinds come finished with the Eclipse Blinds Senses system. This provides a matching pelmet and stylish bottom bar for the blind, providing a clean finish. Like most of our range of blinds, mirage types come in plenty of colours and material options.

Why not add an element of luxury and have your blind motorised using Somfy motors and control systems from only £120 extra.

Best of Both Worlds

The two layers of fabric used with Mirage Blinds help you fine-tune the balance between light entry and privacy. You can let full or partial sunlight through by having them pulled up, or even allow an even light glow seep through while they are pulled down fully.

For privacy purposes, you can adjust the blinds to see out without allowing people outside to look into the room.


As well as their unique design making them a modern choice of blind, the Eclipse Blinds Senses system we use for all of our mirage blinds gives them a tidy finish.


You can install Mirage Blinds in any room. This includes the kitchen and bathroom, as the material is generally suitable for slightly moist conditions too.


The design of Mirage Blinds makes them open and close smoothly without much chance of wear and tear. You can further enhance this by motorising your blinds so you never have to pull a cord again.


These decorative blinds bring your window areas to life without breaking the bank.


Like most window blinds, you can quickly clean them by dusting or using a damp cloth to wipe them. You can hand-wash them gently in lukewarm water with some detergent if they get marked or stained.

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Motorise Your Mirage Blinds

You can make your life easier and add some extra luxury by motorising most of our window blinds. We use Somfy motors and control systems to add the extra element of convenience. These start from only £120 extra.

See for Yourself

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