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Vertical Blinds Made in Paignton

Our vertical blinds are all made by us in our Paignton based work rooms. We utilise the high-quality Louvolite vertical blind system and manufacture with our own high-tech louvre cutting machine. This ensures a premium finish every time.

As we make our blinds in Paignton, we can finish your blind in any way you like, from alternating fabrics to pet-friendly weights and various colour headrails. We can also add motorisation to your blinds for only a small extra price.

All our blinds are child safe in accordance with regulations and the BBSA keep it safe campaign.

What Are Vertical Blinds

Vertical blind slats run vertically (funnily enough), and that’s the main difference between them and Venetian blinds, whose slats run horizontally.

The vertical blind fabrics attach vertically to the window sliding track above the windows and move left to right. This makes vertical blinds a natural choice for rooms with wide windows or sliding doors that we find difficult to cover with other treatments.

Why Choose Verticals

They offer two key elements when it comes to functionality and aesthetics: complete control of light and privacy. They allow you to adjust the level of visibility into your room without completely losing light entry. This makes them great for front-facing windows. Another benefit is that you can let plenty of light in while you rest without worrying about other people seeing through them.

For space limited areas, this choice of blind lets more light through small windows while providing total privacy.

They don’t have to be boring either – ours come in plenty of designs for fitting in with your colour scheme and personal style.

What Windows Suit Them?

Thanks to their specific design, they are adjustable for being compatible with windows of any size. This makes them a great options for larger windows that cannot easily be complimented with roller blinds.

For places where you spend a lot of time during the day, vertical blinds are an excellent choice. This is due to their ability to control the entrance of light inside your room.

They are commonly found in office spaces, living rooms, and over patio doors, but they can look great in plenty of other spaces, big or small.

If your window space is challenging or has a split drop, vertical blinds can be a great solution. Horizontal blinds are sometimes difficult to install in certain windows, but verticals can be adjusted to fully cover your window.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning

People wonder how long the cleaning process will take with these generally larger sized blinds. The fact is, they require little maintenance to keep them looking their best compared to other solutions.

Usually a damp cloth is all you need to remove dirt and dust off them. The catching of dust makes a huge difference between vertical and horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds trap dust between slats, while verticals let debris fall.

You call also use a vacuum brush attachment during house cleaning to easily remove dust from the blinds.

In the case of stubborn stains, you may use clothing stain removers, but bear in mind that this method may ruin the appearance of the fabric so use this option as a last resort!

You will not have to clean the tracking rail often, just a wipe every so often will be sufficient.

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