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What Are Allusion Blinds?

If you are looking for an elegant solution to dress your windows, then allusion blinds could be perfect for you. They provide a unique look, giving your home a premium look and feel. They are commonly used to dress patio doors due to their specific design, but you can use them to add a touch of floaty class to any windows in your home.

Using materials from Louvolite, we make these blinds in our workshop in Paignton and provide free home consultations. Read on to discover if allusions could be a good choice for you, or click here to view our full range of blinds.

Benefits of Allusion Blinds

You may be wondering why you should choose allusion blinds rather than more traditional verticals or curtains. Well, allusion blinds offer more than just a cover for your windows. They come with a range of incredible benefits, such as:

  • Beautiful outside views. Slide them across to give unrestricted views of the outside world. Adjust the vanes to the open position and enjoy subtle light diffusion with a view.
  • Easy outside access. When you install allusion blinds in your home, you will enjoy unhindered access to the exterior spaces of your home. For instance, you can easily move from your living room to your garden without having to move them out of the way. Simply walk straight through them!
  • Enhanced privacy and light control. Thanks to their intuitive design, allusion blinds provide maximum privacy, but you will still be able to control the amount of light coming into your house by adjusting the louvres.
  • Convenient and safe. Unlike some other types of blinds, allusion blinds are fully safe for children due to the few ways that children can get caught in them. Apart from being safe, their wand operation also adds convenience. Simply sweep the wand across your windows to open and close the blinds.
  • Modern aesthetic. Besides their convenient functionalities, allusion blinds will add a degree of elegance to your home. They feature high-quality fabrics, as well as opaque and sheer panes, giving your home that modern touch.
  • Versatility. These blinds are not reserved for homes alone. You can also install them in your workplace or office, especially if there are outside spaces that you wish to have easy access to. They are available in a wide range of design options, making it easy to choose a style that suits your location preference.

The Best Choice of Vertical Blind?

If you’re looking to give your Devon home a classy look, allusion blinds will certainly fit the bill. They offer an elegant take on window furnishings like no other, and while they may be slightly more expensive than some other types of vertical blinds, the value is in the unique aesthetic that they create, which makes them worth every penny.

When you close these blinds, you will enjoy maximum privacy, while giving your home a stylish twist. They will sweep across your patio or bi-folding doors to give your living spaces a luxurious ambiance that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter when you have visitors.

How to Clean Allusion Blinds?

Like most types of blinds, allusion blinds don’t require frequent cleaning. They can be brushed off and wiped down with a damp cloth. You can hand-wash them using lukewarm water if you require, and if they are stained, you can also add a small amount of detergent to help you get them back to their best.

Ensure you wash dark colours separately. Once you’ve finished washing them, you should hang them vertically and let them dry naturally.

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If you are looking for a chic, yet functional solution for your Torbay home, then allusion blinds could be worth a try. Chances are, you won’t be going back to conventional blinds again once you make the change.

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