Drop Stop – Marine Seagull Deterrent



The success of this product is based on combination of simple concepts in bird behaviour and on the choice of best quality material for durability and a streamlined look.  The stainless steel spokes sway in the wind creating both physical and visual disruption threatening birds with getting entangled. Landing is therefore prevented not only due to the physical intrusion of the spokes but also due to the large “watchful eye” centerpiece that imitates a “predator“ threat.

As well as having an attractive design that complements any boat, DropStop is discreet, all the components of the device are hard wearing and, when assembled, form a tough standalone bird deterrent with no moving parts. It will not harm birds should they be brave enough to try and land in the protected area! The flexible nine-spoke design covers an impressive 1.8 meters in diameter and will deter any species but works best on larger nuisance birds such as gulls and pigeons. For smaller areas that need protection, the coverage can be reduced by simply trimming the spokes. The high quality stainless steel spoke wire (BS 304) and stem (marine grade) and fibreglass upper and lower parts are extremely durable and UV stable. 

Various mounting options provide versatility in installation of DropStop on your boat railings, deck, antenna, mast head or any other area where birds are likely to land and roost. This is achieved via the base support supplied that is adaptable for all surfaces. 

The Sandbag Base is a perfect support for DropStop via a 1.2 kg-weighted sandbag that can be placed on areas where the standard boat base is not appropriate for drilling. It is made of colour stable, UV resistant marine grade fabric to complement your boat cover design. Its unique filling port allows easy, non-return loading with sand/recycled glass filter media (manufactured under strict ISO accreditation) that we can provide upon request; the webbing loops allow for extra straps to provide further stability.

DropStop conveniently also allows for easy, practical and compact  storage when its not in use.

This listing is for the device in either Black or White and a sandbag mounting for it in either Black or Navy.  Other mounting options are available please ask for more options.


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