Slav Bonded leather on a roll – Latte


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Material: Polyester, Fabric & Leather
Rub Test: Above 100,000 Rubs
Roll Width: 135cm
Thickness: 0.9mm – 1.4mm
Usage: Domestic & Commercial

Leather on a roll contains between 20% – 30% real leather. Our range of leather on the roll is economical as it yields more than the traditional cow hide as it does not have any natural blemishes or marks as you may find on some real leather hides when you purchase them. As the leather on the roll is sold by the metre you can buy as you require without having to buy a whole leather hide only to be left with wastage. Our leather on the roll is very hard wearing and has a rub test of around 100,000 which makes it very durable and can be used in a commercial environment aswell as for home furniture.


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