Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit close up

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect fit blinds are an amazing range designed by Louvolite. Initially designed for ’tilt and turn’ windows, these blinds are suitable for most PVC and aluminium windows. As suggested in the name, this type of blind fits perfectly within the window frame. This means we will always be able to cater to your perfect fit needs!

Inside your frame, you can choose to have either a Venetian blind (most popular), Pleated blind, roller blind or wooden Venetian blind. Some of these may also be motorised, so you can adjust them with a press of a button.

For roof blinds or angular windows, we manufacture a system called Perfect Fit International. The PFI blinds can be perfect for gable end windows, which can usually be more difficult to dress due to their unique shape.

Why choose them

Perfect Fit blinds have taken the market by storm due to their unique benefits. These include their tidy appearance and the fact that they’re totally screwless.

Before installation, a frame is manufactured to the size of the glass and clips in without the need to drill any holes into your walls or surroundings. The blind then operates inside this frame, preventing it from flapping around on windy days and making a racket.

Due to the clip-in system with Perfect Fit blinds, cleaning your windows and around the frames is easy. All you have to do is unclip the frame to temporarily remove the blinds completely. This will allow you to get to every nook and cranny.

Their snug fit also provides extra privacy down the side of the blind, as well as providing a small benefit in its insulation properties.

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